This short documentary is my Media Broadcast Production Master's Dissertation project. 
This documentary examines the power art has on us, why it can be an effective tool for prison rehabilitation and what it means to those who need it most. In this documentary we sat down with Stephen Greer, freelance artist who was a former prisoner. We talk to Stephen about his journey through art, how he came to turn his life around and dedicating himself to give others the help he was given when he needed it most. We also spoke to Fred Caulfield, head of Prison Arts Foundation about what the charity does to help people like Stephen, and talking about the psychology behind rehabilitation with Rebecca Ewing, a forensic psychologist who has spent years helping prisoners to make the changes necessary to reform. 
Ár dTeanga

This is a short documentary I worked on for my Media Broadcast production Master's. 
This documentary centres on Turas, who are teaching the Irish Language in East Belfast. We set out creating this documentary hoping to explore ideas behind learning the language, what it means for the culture, what it means for identity, whether it needs to be the divisive topic it tends to be and how what the future may hold for the Irish language... Our Language... Ár dTeanga.
The Weatherbies Videos

These are some of the animations I have produced for The Weatherbies Youtube Channel. These videos are music videos and educational videos teaching young audiences key topics such as renewable energy, recycling, the water cycle and litter. The music videos are for The Weatherbies songs that spread eco friendly messages as well as songs about each character.
Live Here Love Here Collaboration

The Weatherbies partnered with Live Here Love Here to create a short music video for Live Here Love Here's #PlasticFreeJuly campaign. This video was created with LHLH's branding in mind, matching their colour-scheme while still retaining The Weatherbies feel and mixing the visuals appropriately.
Miscellaneous Animations

Interactive Media at Ulster University Promo Video

This is a video I created for Ulster University to promote their Interactive Media Course. This was the degree course I did and so it was a pleasure getting to showcase the skills I learned on the course to help create promotional material for it

Stick Man Animation

This was an animated piece I made for my Motion Graphics class during my Interactive media degree. This is still one of my favourite animations I have created as it was a lot of fun to create and I found mixing the mediums of live video and animation an extremely rewarding challenge

V for Vendetta intro Animation

This was one of the first pieces of animation I made for my degree, the challenge was to create an intro/ trailer for a piece of media. I chose to do a trailer for V for Vendetta as I was reading the graphic novel at the time and felt the art style of the novel would work well in a motion graphics style. I used the theme and some audio snippets from the movie as well as adding some sound effects to help give the animation some weight.

Web'd Media Logo Animation

While branding my own design business I created an animation using my very first logo. I used After Effects puppet pin tool to rig the spider's legs and then key-framed each movement to create a short looping gif. This was a lot of fun and since it is the first logo I made for my own business it has a special place in my overly sentimental heart.

For more information on my design journey creating a logo for myself click here!

Kippysmuse Emptiness Alive (Live)

I shot and edited this music video for Kippysmuse. To see more projects with Kippysmuse click here!

The Weatherbies Trailer

I edited this trailer together using animation created by Flickerpix. This video was used to pitch The Weatherbies animated series to commissioners. 

Kippysmuse Burn My World Music Video

This is another music video I edited for Kippysmuse. This video was the first video I made with Kippysmuse, he wanted to show a lot of imagery that related to the song and so this video was edited together using mainly stock footage and some overlays of Kris.

Other Work

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